Viridio Morocco FEP (Future Energy Projects) is our flagship project, aiming to deliver initial production capacity for industrial energy storage systems as well as accompanying ICT hardware. The project is commencing in July 2024, with sales starting in late 2025 and initial production volumes delivered to customers in early 2026.


Initial energy storage production capacity is scaled at 125 MWh per annum, with further optimisations and real estate reserves enabling significant growth beyond this figure in the following years.


The plant will be situated in a Special Economic Zone in Morocco, with excellent logistical access to components and export markets through Moroccan port infrastructure.

The purpose of Viridio is to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy by bringing proven energy storage technologies and energy industry components at scale to the markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa.


We can do it by combining expertise in relevant technology with scalable manufacturing techniques and deploying it in the favourable business environment of North Africa. We are confident that these factors will enable us to achieve advantage on cost while matching quality of established peers, and become a partner of choice for utilities, solution integrators and renewables-reliant businesses across the EMEA region.

We accelerate energy transformation by providing power storage and ICT solutions at scale for the growing renewable energy markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

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